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Speaker size mm (in.)


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ES 250 GR

optional grille

Data table

Size mm (in.) 250 (10)
Power Handling - Peak W 750
Power Handling - Continuous W 250
Impedance 4
Frequency response Hz 28 ÷ 300
Sensitivity dB SPL 90
Voice coil Ø mm (in.) 50 (2)
Xmax mm 9
X-mech mm (in.) 15,5 (0.61)
Re 2,9
Fs Hz 35
Vas l 27,7
Qts 0,6
Qes 0,65
Qms 9,6
Spl dB 90



  • V-cone®

    The exponential profile gets very close to the perfect one, providing exceptional dispersion.
  • Verified by Klippel

    The Klippel quality control system is our guarantee to always produce a product entirely in compliance with the most challenging international standards.

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